Web Server Monitoring Your Application on Nginx with Logz.io

Web Server Monitoring Your Application on Nginx with Logz.io

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A big topic of interest nowadays is web application monitoring. Application performance monitoring and log analytics are required by businesses of all sizes to ensure their web applications’ smooth operation. If your application serves as the backend for your business processes, it is critical for your organization. You need to know, in real-time, when and why it breaks.

To answer these questions, we will use Logz.io products to monitor a simple web application served by Nginx. For Apache-based configuration, have a look at this article.

Nginx is one of the best-performing and most used web server/reverse proxy in the world. With robust and advanced configuration options, it was chosen by many since its inception in 2004.

This article will explore options to monitor our web application that is served by an Nginx web server using many of the Logz.io tools. Logz.io’s Prometheus-as-a-Service will allow us to collect and store our metrics while using visualizing them in our Metrics UI; we will be able to create dashboards and graphs of that data.

Also, logs from our system and Nginx will be transported into the Logz.io servers, so we can search and access logs, all without installing anything except the agents.