Kubernetes Liveness Probes - Examples & Common Pitfalls

Kubernetes Liveness Probes - Examples & Common Pitfalls

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Kubernetes has disrupted traditional deployment methods and has become very popular. Although it is a great platform to deploy to, it brings complexity and challenges as well. Kubernetes manages nodes and workloads seamlessly, and one of the great features of this containerized deployment platform is that of self-healing. For self-healing on the container level, we need health checks called probes in Kubernetes unless we depend on exit codes.

Liveness probes check if the pod is healthy, and if the pod is deemed unhealthy, it will trigger a restart; this action is different than the action of Readiness Probes I discussed in my previous post.

Let’s look at the components of the probes and dive into how to configure and troubleshoot Liveness Probes.

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